In the years since Folly first didn't hit the newstands, we published hundreds of different features, only a handful of which are linked here. They range from a couple of pieces from the very first issue to one from no.60, the final issue. If you want to read more, check the Index; all back issues are available apart from the first Christmas Special.

You'll have to forgive the rather primitive layout and typeface of the early issues: back in 1990, Sue was working on an Atari 1000 PC with (hard though it may be to believe it now) precisely 1 megabyte of memory - hard disk space. One could use any font one wanted as long as it was Courier. Nor could one integrate illustrations with text: in those early issues, we photocopied pictures to a convenient size, cut around the picture shape, held it against the screen, and changed each line length to fit round it. Happy days.*

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these pieces.


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