Ordering back issues

Eventually it may be possible to organise this on proper eCommerce lines, with a click-and-order eat-your-heart-out-Amazon facility. However, at present it's all very primitive: just make a list of the issues you'd like and email Sue

All back issues of Folly magazine (nos. 1-60) are available, as are Christmas Specials no. 2, 3, 4 and 5. If you see a copy of Christmas Special no. 1 on eBay or Amazon, grab it immediately. It will probably pay for your retirement.

Rates are given below. All prices include postage and packing. Note that, while the average number of pages per issue over the 23 years of Folly's existence was 44 pages, early issues ranged between 20 and 36 pages while late issues were generally between 48 and 52 pages. This means that you're not getting as much bang for your buck with early issues, while postage swallows up much of the price of the later ones - but it proved too complicated to charge different rates for each issue.

                       Back issues    Christmas Specials (Nos 2 - 5)
UK                        £3                            £10
Europe                 £4                            £12
Rest of world       £5                            £15

All cheques and postal orders for subscriptions and back issues should be made payable to Sue Sims, and sent to:

         21 Warwick Road
         BH7 6JW

If a cheque or money order is not in sterling, please add the equivalent of £5 to the total. For non-sterling currency, please add the equivalent of £2 to the total.

To pay by PayPal, send to suesims1952@gmail.com. Please add 4% to the total to cover PayPal’s fees. 

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery in the UK, three weeks in Europe, and five weeks elsewhere.