Fantasy and Historical School Stories

Bibliography of British and Commonwealth Girls' School Stories with fantasy, speculative fiction and historical elements

All books are fantasy / speculative fiction unless marked ‘H’, in which case they are purely historical, with no fantasy involved. For series books for lower primary-age readers, the first title, publisher, date and number of books in sequence are given.

Books are listed in order of author surname. Please forgive poor formatting.

 When suggesting additional titles, please ignore:

  • Stories set in mixed schools (boys and girls)
  • Stories set in American schools (which most of the fantasy written since 2000 tend to be). However, stories by American writers set in British schools qualify at the moment.
  • Short stories from annuals


Angus, Sam, School for Skylarks, Macmillan (2017)

Beresford, Eleanor, Pegasi and Prefects, KoR Cubed (2015) (Australian)

Faries and Felicitations, KoR Cubed (2015) (short story) (Australian)

Elves and Escapades, KoR Cubed (2015) (Australian)

Bray, Libba, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Simon & Schuster (2003)

Rebel Angels, Simon & Schuster (2006)                        

The Sweet Far Thing, Simon & Schuster (2006)

Bunting, Eve, Spying on Miss Müller, Clarion Books (New York), 1995 (H: Irish-American writer, but book set in boarding school in wartime Belfast)

Carriger, Gail, Etiquette and Espionage, Atom (2013)

Curtsies and Conspiracies, Atom (2013)

Waistcoats and Weaponry, Atom (2014)

Manners and Mutiny, Atom (2015)

Carroll, Ann, Rosie’s Quest, Poolbeg (1994)

Channon, E.M. A Fifth Form Martyr, Sheldon Press (1935)

Eager, Frances, Time Tangle, Hamish Hamilton (1976)

Farmer, Penelope, Charlotte Sometimes, Chatto & Windus (1969)

French, Vivian, ‘Tiara Club’ series: first title Princess Charlotte and the Birthday Ball, Orchard (2005): 52 more titles to date

Hooper, Mary, Two Naughty Angels: Down to Earth, Bloomsbury (1995)

Two Naughty Angels: The Ghoul at School, Bloomsbury (1996)

Round the Rainbow, Bloomsbury (2008)

Kay, Mara, Masha, Macmillan (1968) H

The Youngest Lady-in-Waiting, Macmillan (sequel, non-school, 1969) H

A Circling Star, Macmillan (1973) H

Kuenzler, Lou, ‘Princess DisGrace’ series: first title First Term at Tall Towers, Scholastic (2014): 3 more titles to date

Lyanas, Em, You Can’t Make me Go to Witch School!, Noisy Crow (2017)

Get Me Out of Witch School!, Noisy Crow (2018)

Help, I’m Trapped in Witch School!, Noisy Crow (2018)

McKay, Hilary, Wishing for Tomorrow, The sequel to A Little Princess, Hodder (2010) H

Methley, Violet, Schoolgirl Mollie, Pilgrim Press ([1935]) H

Muir, Lynette, The Girls of St Cyr, Merlin Press (1994) H

Murphy, Jill, The Worst Witch, Allison & Busby (1974)

The Worst Witch Strikes Again, Allison & Busby (1980)

A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch, Viking Kestrel (1982)

The Worst Witch All at Sea, Viking Kestrel (1993)

The Worst Witch Saves the Day Puffin (2005)

The Worst Witch to the Rescue  Puffin (2007)

The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star, Scholastic (2015)

First Prize for the Worst Witch Puffin (2018)

Newman, Kim, The Secrets of Drearcliff Grange School, Titan Books (2015)

The Haunting of Drearcliff Grange School, Titan Books (2018)

Saunders, Kate, Beswitched, Scholastic 2010

Tomalin, Ruth, Goneaway, Faber (1979)

Tomalin, Ruth, Another Day, Faber (1988)

Ure, Jean, The Girl in the Blue Tunic, Scholastic Press (1997)

A Twist in Time, Bodley Head (2000)

Walton, Jo, Among Others, Constable & Robinson (2011)

Willard, Barbara, Spell Me a Witch, Hamish Hamilton (1979)

Woods, Titania (pseud. of Lee Weatherly), ‘Glitterwings’ series: first title Flying High, Bloomsbury (2008): 14 more titles to date