Convent School Stories

Convent Schools: bibliography

Books are listed in order of author surname.

 Please ignore:

  • Stories set in convents but not convent schools
  • American convent school school stories
  • Autobiographies (though fictionalised autobiographies such as Frost in May are fine)
  • Short stories from annuals

 Agatha, Miriam, Nellie Doran (Australian), (1923)

Anonymous: The American Fugitive, or, Friendship in a Nunnery, by A Lady, A. Pope, London (1774). Reprinted in various editions and places, sometimes with the title and subtitle reversed

Brann, Esther, Lupe Goes to School (Spanish convent primary school) Macmillan (1930)

Burns, A.E., The Grand Duchess Benedicta, Longmans (1915)

Castleton, Ann, The Secret of Storm Abbey, Hollis & Carter (1946)

Conway, Helene, A Year to Grow (American), Longman, Green Co New York (1943).

Cookson, Catherine, The Devil and Mary Ann, Macdonald (1958)

Dutta, Swapna, Juneli's First Term, Indus (HarperCollins, India) (1992). Illus.

Juneli at St Avila's, Indus (HarperCollins, India) (1992). Illus.

An Exciting Term, Indus (HarperCollins, India) (1992). Illus.

Evans, Martina, Midnight Feast (adult), Sinclair-Stevenson (1996)

Finn, Mary Agnes, Monica's Trial (Australian, small part school), Pellegrini, Sydney

    &c.  [(1929)]. Not illus.

Antonia Fraser, Quiet as a Nun (adult detective), Weidenfield & Nicolson (1977)

Gilmour, Greta, Rhoda Lethbridge (German Moravian), RTS ([1900])

Lake, Elizabeth, The First Rebellion (adult), Cresset Press (1952)

Leslie, Emma, Caught in the Toils,

Ling, Sheilah W., Piggy, Dennis Dobson (1980)

Little, M.I., Dunham Days (Australian), E.J. McAlister & Co. (1913).

McClelland, Helen, Summer's Ending (part school), Girls Gone By (2006)

M'Crindell, Rachel, The Schoolgirl in France, Seeley & Burnside (1840)

Mitchell, Gladys, Convent on Styx (adult detective), Michael Joseph (1975)

Mountain, A., The Ghost of Aston Abbey, Mowbray (1948)

Norton, S.H., Annals of St Audrey’s, Sands & Co. (1956)

Rae, Jill, Angels Flying Slowly (adult), Hodder & Stoughton (1995)

Shepherd, Eric, More Murder in a Nunnery (adult detective), Sheed & Ward (1954)

Stanley, Mary, Retreat, (adult) Headline (2001)

Thorne, Nicola, The Little Flowers (adult, set during WWII), Severn House (2004)

Valentine, Geri, Bad Habits at St Brigid’s, Poolbeg, Dublin (1992)

New Broom at St Brigid’s, Poolbeg, Dublin (1993)

St Brigid’s Bounces Back, Poolbeg, Dublin (1994)

Buon Giorno, St Brigid’s (school holiday/pilgrimage to Rome), Poolbeg, Dublin (1995)

Banshees of St Brigid’ s, Poolbeg, Dublin (1996)

White, Antonia, Frost in May (adult), Harmsworth (1933)