Over the last few weeks I've had some anxious emails from people who've tried to log in using the tab on the right hand side of the menu bar. They've clicked, only to find that nothing happens if they try to register, create a password, or do any of the things one has to do in order to subscribe to a website. They begin to believe that they are Useless Non-Technical Types, and their self-esteem vanishes down the plughole. 

In fact, you don't need to register; you don't have to create a password; there's no subscription necessary1 to  use this website. At present, everything on the Folly site is completely free and can be accessed just by clicking on the appropriate tab (News, Articles, Index, etc).

Why, then, are we deliberately causing panic among the book-collecting classes by having the Log In tab there at all? Well, without that, we (that is, Sue - Folly editor - and David - Number One Son and website designer/maintainer) can't actually update the site. We can (and must) log in; you, so far, can't - though at some point in the future2 this may become an option.

So don't worry about logging in - just enjoy!


1Though if you have any spare tenners wanting a good home, you know where to send them...

2The variety generally described as 'dim and distant', though we scorn to use such clichéd language.


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